3 things that will make you a great man in your marriage – YMM #37

Welcome!  I’m doing the podcast solo today, as Christie is a little under the weather.  Consider the following quote:  “We should all be a little bit embarrassed about who we were five years ago.”  What I mean by that is that we should never stop growing, developing, and transforming ourselves.  This thought fits into our […]

List 3 Things Your Spouse Needs To Know When You Aren’t Feeling Well – YMM #36

Welcome!  Today’s show is coming to you live from Branson, MO, because we are on the road.  Unfortunately, Jim is not feeling well and has been battling a cold.  His illness gives us the basis for our question to consider this week.   List three things I need to know about you when you aren’t […]

What Are Conflicts You Have Encountered and How Do You Resolve Them – YMM #35

Hey gang … Welcome to this week’s episode of Your Marriage Matters for couples who are seriously dating or engaged to be married. We are dedicated to helping you build a healthy, vibrant relationship that will last a lifetime! This week we are going to deal with the inevitable reality of the inevitable challenges and […]

What Are 3 Things That Make a Great Date and Why? YMM #34

Welcome!  Today’s conversation is an easier one than some, but it is still vitally important. Consider the question:  What are three things that make for a great date and why? Let the following ideas prompt your thoughts: How we spend our “spare” time is important! Dates are to connect, communicate, and relax together. We must […]

What Are 10 Qualities You Look for in a Marriage Partner? YMM #33

Welcome!  Today’s topic comes from our book, 101 Conversations Every Couple Should Have Before They Get Married. List 10 qualities you look for in the marriage partner you will spend the rest of your life with. This is an important, but challenging conversation and one that will take some time to accomplish.  It’s an opportunity […]

Your Favorite Memory from Childhood and Why You Should Tell Your Spouse – YMM #32

Welcome!  Today we’re addressing an important question; it’s so important that we’ve included it in our book, 101 Conversations Every Couple Ought to Have Before They Get Married.   What are some of your favorite memories growing up? This question is important for the following reasons: You will get to know your future spouse in […]

Roles and Responsibilities In Your Marriage – #031

Welcome!  We sometimes talk about “Team Jacobus,” but we really are a team, as any marriage should be.  A team is stronger when relying on each other, standing shoulder to shoulder to face whatever comes.  We’ve been working in our book and decided today to talk about an important topic in marriage:  Roles and Responsibilities.  […]

Strengthen Your Team By Learning Together – YMM #29

Welcome!  We’ve been traveling a lot lately, and we’ve just returned from the Podcast Movement 2015 in Fort Worth, TX.  We had a great time, met some great people and learned a lot about how to make this podcast better.  The best aspect of the conference was to attend TOGETHER.  You’ve heard us discuss the […]

5 Ways To Make A Marriage Great – YMM #28

  Welcome!  Our topic today came from a discussion we had on a car trip recently as we returned from visiting family.  We began talking about what it takes to make a great marriage, and then we made a list and condensed it down to five basic tips.  Again, sometimes it’s difficult to have these […]

What beliefs and events from your past have most influenced your sexual behaviors and attitudes? YMM #26

Welcome to the show!  Our topic for the last two weeks has been MONEY; now we are moving on to a new topic—SEX.  Do we have your attention?  Join us for the conversation! We urge you to HAVE the difficult conversation to improve your relationship.  We all know that sex and intimacy are huge issues […]