Your Favorite Memory from Childhood and Why You Should Tell Your Spouse – YMM #32

Welcome!  Today we’re addressing an important question; it’s so important that we’ve included it in our book, 101 Conversations Every Couple Ought to Have Before They Get Married.   What are some of your favorite memories growing up? This question is important for the following reasons: You will get to know your future spouse in […]

Roles and Responsibilities In Your Marriage – #031

Welcome!  We sometimes talk about “Team Jacobus,” but we really are a team, as any marriage should be.  A team is stronger when relying on each other, standing shoulder to shoulder to face whatever comes.  We’ve been working in our book and decided today to talk about an important topic in marriage:  Roles and Responsibilities.  […]

Everything You Never Knew About Christie – YMM #030

Welcome!  After attending Podcast Movement 2015 recently, we’ve learned about new things we want to bring to the podcast.  One of those is to have interviews with experts and counselors that can help all of us in marriage and relationships.  We start with those interviews today!  Jim is interviewing his first—and favorite—guest, Christie! Christie shares […]