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We believe in that promise above from John 10:10 and we very much believe that it applies to our marriages! But, to have a successful marriage, like everything else in life, it takes a lot of work. How much time have we spent, in the last 12 months, growing our careers, investing in parenting our children or even just pursuing a hobby? How much time, energy and focus have we spent growing our marriage? How about working to improve channels of communication and developing conflict resolution skills?

Clinical studies tell us it is clear that our marriage is the single most important factor in determining how successful we will be in our careers, as a parent in raising our children and even has a huge impact on how much we enjoy and get out of our leisurely activities and hobbies. Those same studies tell us that couples spend very little focused time on growing and expanding the very skills they need to have healthy, vibrant, life long marriages!

At Ten Ten Ministries and Your Marriage Matters we are committed to providing retreats, workshops, webinars and many other learning opportunities for individuals and couples focused on developing real world strategies, principles and skill sets to not just have a marriage that “survives’ the 50% divorce rate but a relationship that thrives through all of the inevitable ups and downs of living life together!

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What can you expect from our retreats, workshops, webinars, care groups, counseling, coaching, blogs and other stuff? Hard core principles and strategies based on scripture along with real world skill sets and marriage best practices based on years of our own pursuits of learning what works and tons of practical experiences from our own marriage! We came to the realization a while back (a story in itself) that the principles we would share were useless without the skills and tools to put them into action. And we learned that skill sets and best practices didn’t work unless people were compelled by foundational principles to back them up!

So, we invite you to come join us as we pursue the foundational principles and real world day to day skill sets that will allow us to have the healthy, vibrant, life long marriages we all desire. If you would like to keep up with what we have coming up just subscribe to the blog on the home page of this website, or like us on our Facebook page Marriage Matters and we will keep you informed!