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Jim’s Top 10 Christian Podcasts

Like I have said, I am a voracious learner and what better way to take in some awesome learning opportunities than to listen to some of the best of the best stuff via “free” podcasts? So, grab your smart phone, Ipad, tablet, Ipod or computer and fire up Itunes and grab these awesome podcasts!

#1 – “Your Move With Andy Stanley” – this is a great weekly podcast that deals with everyday life in a real and practical way!

#2 – The Andy Stanley Leadership podcast – a great Christian perspective on very practical leadership skills for today!

#3 – Perry Noble Leadership podcasts – look for the podcasts from the New Spring Leadership Conference. This is an all star cast of America’s best Christian leaders!

#4 – Steven Furtick from Elevation Church – I get cold chills listening to this guy preach! POWERFUL stuff …

#5 – Dr David Platt from The Church at Brook Hills – this is some radical Christian stuff so don’t listen unless you are ready to have your thoughts rocked!

#6 – Pastor Mark Driscoll – a great combination of real world stuff, entertaining and compelling all in one!

#7 – Jud White from Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. This guy will challenge the servant’s heart in your soul!

#8 – Francis Chan – just go to I-Tunes and search for Francis Chan and listen in. Nothing will be same ever again!

#9 – Stand To Reason weekly podcast with Greg Koukl! One of the best of the best when it comes to apologetics while always being very gracious to the non-believer, the agnostic and even the most world renown atheists.

#10 – Bullet Proof With Brett Kunkel – a great rival to Greg Koukl when it comes to knowing what we need to know in order to defend the faith against the usual suspects that abound!

So, what do you like to listen to?