Meet Christie Jacobus





Christie Jacobus, RN-BC, LPCS, M.Ed – brings such a varied and compelling background to an audience that they are compelled to listen! Her 20 years as a nurse in one of America’s more infamous trauma hospitals, a human resources background, training and development expert and her professional designation as a counselor bring a ton of experience and insights to every program she delivers. But, that is not the best part!

What audiences love about Christie’s message is her heart for people who want and need the healing power of Jesus Christ. Her speaking style is rich with compassion, grace and the belief that “integrating mind, body and spirit” is what makes us all tick. What will stand out most and what makes her such a compelling presenter is the power and quality of her faith. If you want to hear from someone who believes in God and what he can do in the lives of his people then Christie is who you need to hear from!

As a counselor clients find she is an incredible listener who is easy to trust and open up to. Her insights and skills as a clinician are extraordinary as she provides the direction and focus people need to move their lives forward in a positive manner!