The “After You Say I Do … What Next” Workshop!

After You Say I Do! How To Build A Healthy, Vibrant Marriage To Last A Lifetime! The dating, engagement, wedding and honeymoon are all over with and in the rear view mirror!  Now what?  That marriage you have dreamed of, the one that will last a lifetime won’t happen by accident.  It is going to […]

#014 Your Marriage Matters – What Makes You A Good Team Member?

Welcome to podcast #014! Our podcasts are created for couples who are engaged or couples who are seriously contemplating marriage. The content comes from our book, “101 Great Conversations Every Couple Should Have Before They Get Married.”  Your conversation of the week is …  “List 3 skills or characteristics that make you a good team member and […]

I Love Me Some Michael Hyatt!

Hey gang! I love, love, love me some Michael Hyatt! I subscribe to almost every bit of content he puts out. I have read, and reread his book Platform and have implemented a ton of what he suggests in that book. I am a paying member of his “Platform University” and can’t get enough of […]

10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known as a Newlywed

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I often feel alone in my opinion, but I love Valentine’s Day. To me it is not about chocolates and flowers, it is about expressions of love and romance.    I was fortunate enough to get married on February 14th, 1987 which means it is also the day we celebrate our wedding anniversary.  […]

“Fight Naked” – Presented By The Marriage Matters Series

Do you have conflict in your marriage? Disagreements? Arguments? Well, we sincerely hope you do! And, we hope you have found productive, positive ways to resolve them because resolved conflict and the certainty that you are going to figure out whatever comes your way, and it will, as a couple actually strengthens a marriage and […]

The Anatomy of A Real Apology

It didn’t take long to figure out what was wrong! The couple had come to us with some very familiar challenges. They were stuck, their marriage was heading in the wrong direction and they had a on of unresolved hurts and problems. Her complaint was his lack of responsibility and the fact that he just […]

Jim’s Top 10 Christian Podcasts

Jim’s Top 10 Christian Podcasts Like I have said, I am a voracious learner and what better way to take in some awesome learning opportunities than to listen to some of the best of the best stuff via “free” podcasts? So, grab your smart phone, Ipad, tablet, Ipod or computer and fire up Itunes and […]

Jim’s Favorite Christian Books for Men!

Jim’s Top 10 Christian Books For Men To say the least I am a voracious learner! I love books that teach me, I love books that inspire me, I love books that can make me laugh and I really like books that make me think and challenge the way I see the world! I have […]