What is one thing that is working right now and how can we do more of it?

Welcome Gang!  I am flying solos today because Christie is under the weather.  In the next 4 weeks we are going to share with you a 4 question series that will help you plan for the new year.

We ask these questions individually and collectively and we ask them both personally and professionally.


The first question is:

  1. What’s working right now and how do we do more of it?

We want to not only ask what is working, but why is it working right now?  Christie and I have started trying to be more connected lately and we found ourselves asking this very question.

We want to know why things are good so that we can continue to do more of that.  If we don’t know why, then we don’t know what to do to get the same results.

When you ask these questions, you will find yourself being more connected to your spouse.  So much of our success in our relationships are about being intentional and engaged in the relationship.

Listener Question of the Week:  “If you were going to read one book to improve your relationship in 2016, what book would it be?”

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Have a great week gang!

Jim and Christie

jim and christie Jacobus

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