Where will you spend the Holidays and how did you decide? YMM #40

Welcome!  Today’s episode is about Holidays.  Where will you spend them?  Have you and your spouse had this important conversation?  This topic involves the expectations you have of your marriage and ties to family beliefs and traditions.  There are several variables to consider:  stepfamilies, geographic location, travel, and children.  This topic is best addressed before marriage and is certainly one that requires couples to work together.

Consider the following about your holiday plans:

  • Assess what the different holidays and traditions mean to each of you.
  • Try to begin new traditions with your partner.  Remember that your marriage relationship comes before any other family ties.
  • Once you make decisions, “have each other’s backs” and don’t blame the other partner.
  • Negotiate “win-win” situations for both of you.
  • “Rate the debate” based on how important each element is to you: 1st choice, 2nd choice, and 3rd choice.
  • Establish communication and exercise your problem-solving skills.
  • This is NOT the time to be selfish and demanding!canstockphoto7410284-christmas1

What can you expect if you handle this conversation well?  

  • You achieve teamwork and unity with your spouse in the eyes of friends and family.
  • You may end up enjoying the family traditions and the bonding opportunities with your spouse’s family.

Listener Question of the Week:  I am really frustrated.  My fiancé and I have been together for several years and have been through many birthdays and holidays.  He likes to give practical gifts, and I like fun, crazy gifts.  What are your recommendations as to what to do?

Fun Question of the Week:  What is your idea of a great gift?

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