Re-Visiting Conflict Resolution and How It Affects Your Marriage – YMM #039

Welcome to YOUR MARRIAGE MATTERS!  This week, we are revisiting one of our most popular topics!   Our topic today is one that must be explored in every marriage; it’s the idea of CONFLICT RESOLUTION.  This topic cannot be dealt with merely on the surface level, but requires a deeper look at the issues and root causes.

What are the three biggest sources of conflict in your relationship?Conflict_pointing

To answer the question, ask yourself the following questions to begin the thought process:

  • What are the triggers (the “hot-button” topics) for conflict?
  • What is at the heart of the conflict?
  • What causes the conflict?
  • Are the issues related to priorities or people?
  • What is in the best interest of the marriage?

Your assignment is to write down the three sources of conflict and irritation you have identified and have your spouse do the same independently.  Then, compare what you have each written.

Are you on the same page?  Often, couples experience CONFLICT in agreeing on what the sources of CONFLICT really are!  You must do the HARD WORK involved in resolving conflict, and the conflict cannot be resolved until it’s identified.  We each must be willing to look inside ourselves and be willing to change the only person I can change—ME!


Listener Question of the Week: 

 How do I bring up a difficult question and make it a productive conversation?

Fun Question of the Week:

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?





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Have a great week gang!

Jim and Christie

jim and christie Jacobus

Jim & Christie Jacobus

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