3 things that will make you a great man in your marriage – YMM #37

Welcome!  I’m doing the podcast solo today, as Christie is a little under the weather.  Consider the following quote:  “We should all be a little bit embarrassed about who we were five years ago.”  What I mean by that is that we should never stop growing, developing, and transforming ourselves.  This thought fits into our discussion topic for today, which is primarily aimed at the men, but also can be a guideline for women as they seek a life partner.marriage

**Three Things every man needs to pursue to be a great spouse or partner:

  1. The BEST version of yourself that you can be
    1. Keep growing and getting better.
    2. Be aware of strengths and challenges.
    3. Become growth-focused instead of problem-focused.
    4. “Learning means living.”  You should be learning and growing until your dying breath!
  2. Someone who is “other-focused”
  3. Unconditional Love for your partner

–Covenant Love says, “I will love you no matter what.”  Contract Love says, “I will love you IF . . .”

Listener Question of the Week:  I have some guy friends that like to go out together from time to time, and she doesn’t like it.  What do you think?

Fun Question of the Week:  What is the one thing you love most about Christie?

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Have a great week gang!

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