What Are 10 Qualities You Look for in a Marriage Partner? YMM #33

Welcome!  Today’s topic comes from our book, 101 Conversations Every Couple Should Have Before They Get Married.

List 10 qualities you look for in the marriage partner you will spend the rest of your life with.

This is an important, but challenging conversation and one that will take some time to accomplish.  It’s an opportunity to get insight into your partner’s expectations.  It will alert you to red flags and non-negotiables in your relationship.  Remember, the time to discover those non-negotiables is BEFORE you get married.

We all remember  “Y2K,” but, regarding marriage, think of “Why3A.”  qualities

  • Why Me?
  • Why You?
  • Why Now?

Ask yourself the following questions to prompt your thoughts about your list of 10 qualities:

  • What are your “must-haves”?
  • How well can you collaborate?
  • Do you agree together about some values?
  • Can you value what your partner values?

So, your challenge is to make the list, and then take the time to discuss it with your partner.  It will identify things that require heavy conversations.  Listen in for more!

Listener Question of the Week:  How do you create a BIG vision for your marriage?

Fun Question of the Week:  What is your biggest fear?


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