List 3 Things Your Spouse Needs To Know When You Aren’t Feeling Well – YMM #36

Welcome!  Today’s show is coming to you live from Branson, MO, because we are on the road.  Unfortunately, Jim is not feeling well and has been battling a cold.  His illness gives us the basis for our question to consider this week.  sick

List three things I need to know about you when you aren’t feeling well.  Consider the following as you give your answer:

  • Sicknesses and injuries are part of life.
  • How you handle each other’s sickness is a big deal.
  • It’s important to know each other’s expectations.
  • This conversation will help you know how to comfort your partner physically and emotionally.
  • Some people want to be left alone when sick, and others want lots of attention.
  • These difficulties are a great chance to “step up” for each other.
  • Remember, “sick” can be ill, injured, or emotionally unwell.

As you have this conversation, you will learn more about each other.  What do I need when I’m not feeling well?  What does my partner want when they are sick?  Now, think about it and discuss this topic with your partner.

Listener Question of the Week:  How do you know when you should see a doctor and when you should treat at home?

Fun Question of the Week:  What is your favorite comfort food and why?


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Have a great week gang!

Jim and Christie

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