Your Favorite Memory from Childhood and Why You Should Tell Your Spouse – YMM #32

Welcome!  Today we’re addressing an important question; it’s so important that we’ve included it in our book, 101 Conversations Every Couple Ought to Have Before They Get Married.  


What are some of your favorite memories growing up?

This question is important for the following reasons:

  • You will get to know your future spouse in a deeper way.
  • You will get a good perspective on how they see their formative years.
  • You will understand where they got their beliefs and values.
  • You will gain great insight into each other.
  • You will have an opportunity to be open and transparent about small, simple things and huge things like family traditions and holidays.
  • Even if your family dynamics differ (Like Jim and Christie!), you will understand their family heritage, connection, and what things were meaningful parts of their lives.

The assignment is to write down 2-3 favorite memories, even if they aren’t all positive ones.  Discuss them together, because these are things you need to know about your future spouse.

Listener Question of the Week:  What are some of the red flags you see in couples that make you worry about them?

Fun Question of the Week:  If the house is burning down, but all people and pets are safe, what is one thing you would try to save?


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Have a great week gang!

Jim and Christie

jim and christie Jacobus

Jim & Christie Jacobus




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