5 Ways To Make A Marriage Great – YMM #28


Welcome!  Our topic today came from a discussion we had on a car trip recently as we returned from visiting family.  We began talking about what it takes to make a great marriage, and then we made a list and condensed it down to five basic tips.  Again, sometimes it’s difficult to have these conversations, but the results are worth the work.  Join us!

  1. Have shared vision and goals.  Of course, there is room for individuality in a marriage, but there should be things you want to accomplish as a team.  Ask the following questions:  Where do you want to be five years from now?  Are we on the same path?  Do we want the same things?A-Great-Marriage-
  2. Make your marriage a priority.  This is THE most important relationship in your life, so spend time together.  “Happy Marriage=Happy Life”
  3. Develop a high level of trust in each other.  Have transparency and openness, and share fears and concerns.  BE a trustworthy person.
  4. Commit to constant learning and growth.  Learn about your spouse, about marriage, about life in general.  Dedicate yourself to personal growth and couple growth.
  5. Have faith in something bigger than yourself.  Shared faith as a couple is important.  For us, this is faith in Jesus Christ, but it may vary for others.  If your faith is shared, you can attend church together and live by the same principles.  Statistics show a HUGE decrease in the divorce rate in the US for couples with shared faith.

Now it’s homework time!  Your assignment is to look at the five things and rate yourself from 1-5.  As a couple, then pick one thing to work on and improve.  You won’t regret any time you put into improving your relationship.  Give it a try!

Listener Question of the Week:  My future spouse does not like my friends.  What do I need to do about it?

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Have a great week gang!

Jim and Christie

jim and christie Jacobus

Jim & Christie Jacobus



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