#014 Your Marriage Matters – What Makes You A Good Team Member?

Welcome to podcast #014! Our podcasts are created for couples who are engaged or couples who are seriously contemplating marriage. The content comes from our book, “101 Great Conversations Every Couple Should Have Before They Get Married.” 

Your conversation of the week is … 

“List 3 skills or characteristics that make you a good team member and how will they benefit your relationship”

This is an important conversation because individual skills are critical to any team and as a team member can identify what strengths you bring into the relationship.  Also you both can appreciate the diversity of your skills and learn from each other and lean on each other. 

team member

As a “team member” it is important you each

·      Appreciate the differences you bring to the table

·      Know your strengths and weaknesses

·      Understand the importance of self management

·      Seek to enhance your relationship by improving each member of the team

Remember!!! You are both growing from two individuals into one team and in this process it is important you are able to communicate about the status of your team.

 Some expectations from this conversation …

1) Perform a SWOT for your home team. In the same way organizations look at Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, you can start to look at the status of your team.  This podcast has each person examine their individual strengths and how it will help the team.

2) Self-Awareness of what you bring to the team that will be valuable moving forward

3) Start to build the foundation for becoming more of a team and less about two individuals.

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Listener Question of the Week – How did you get to the point where you called yourselves, “Team Jacobus”?

jim & Christie

Jim & Christie – Team Jacobus

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