“Fight Naked” – Presented By The Marriage Matters Series

amgry couple in bed

Do you have conflict in your marriage? Disagreements? Arguments? Well, we sincerely hope you do! And, we hope you have found productive, positive ways to resolve them because resolved conflict and the certainty that you are going to figure out whatever comes your way, and it will, as a couple actually strengthens a marriage and creates confidence in each other!

This week the Marriage Matters Series brings you one of Team Jacobus’ most popular programs – “Fight Naked”! This is a real world, fun and effective workshop on how to effectively handle the challenges that are a part of any two people living together under one roof. We will all learn at least 10 different ways to deal with communicating about, resolving and moving forward when we don’t see things eye to eye.

Come join us this Wednesday night, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at River Pointe Church for the Your Marriage Matters “Fight Naked” workshop. Childcare is provided and you can register by clicking http://www.riverpointe.org/Richmond/Home# then hitting the Events drop down box and clicking the LoveSex Marriage Class link.

We look forward to having you join us for this awesome workshop!

Jim & Christie Jacobus

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