Jim’s Favorite Christian Books for Men!

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Jim’s Top 10 Christian
Books For Men

To say the least I am a voracious learner! I love books that teach me, I love books that inspire me, I love books that can make me laugh and I really like books that make me think and challenge the way I see the world!

I have enjoyed books that kept me enthralled from start to finish and I have also enjoyed books simply because they had one thought, amongst pages and pages of wasted ink and paper, that captured my imagination and caused me to see something in a new light!

We have a library in our home with 1,000+ books in it and some of those are making this list. I have a handful of books that I have read via the Kindle app on my IPad and a few of them will make the list. These days I am really partial to listening to books via one of my “smart” devices and I grab all of these from the cyber shelves of Audible.com and a good number of those have made the list as well.

Some of the books will help you with business, others with living life and still others focused on relationships and in particular marriage. All will be pointing to experiencing God’s best in our lives as men.

If you have a favorite then add it to the list by hitting the comment button below and share it with us. If you are looking for a book that deals with a certain subject matter do the same and we will see what we can find for you. All that said, here are Jim’s Top 10 Christian Books For Men!

#1 – duh! The Bible – the ultimate book for a dozen different reasons. Here are the formats I prefer them in;

  1. In print – the NIV Study Bible, The Living Bible and The Amplified Bible
  2. For Study – I love the Logos Study Libraries. This is a powerful, and somewhat pricey, resource that is all you can handle!
  3. Online – and on my smart devices I like the Blue Letter Bible (good also for study) and the You Version bible. This is what I use most these days.

#2 – “Paul – A Man of Grit and Grace by Chuck Swindoll. I love me some Paul and this is one of my favorites and has had a great impact on my life!

#3 – Wild At Heart by John Eldridge – sort of a strange dude with equally strange outlooks but an awesome book nonetheless!

#4 – John 3:16 by Max Lucado – an extraordinary treatment of this cornerstone scripture of the Christian faith!

#5 – The 7 Promises of A Promise Keeper by Bill McCartney – an excellent treatise on what it takes to be a Godly man. Chapter #1 got me back in church!

#6 – The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel – does it make sense to follow Christ? This book is an awesome resource for answering that question!

#7 – The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren – all I can say is it gave me direction and changed my life!

#8 – Hole In the Gospel by Richard Stearns – this book sent my life off on the course that led to being involved deeply in ministry!

#9 – Crazy Love by Francis Chan – this guy is amazing!

#10 – If You Want To Walk On Water, You’ve Got To Get Out of the Boat by John Ortberg – a great book on developing faith!


So? What books do you like?


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